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Fundraising Success at the Aria Alba Quiz

Our 2024 quiz night was a roaring success with questions ranging from mildly befuddling to facepalmingly frustrating! Our teams were challenged to 8 rounds from general knowledge, music and film, through to the very popular chocolate round.

We enjoyed a fun night all round, but were particularly enthralled by Aria Alba member Eilidh Riddell and quizmaster Neil McTavish's set of popular songs at half time. Who'd have thought that we'd see Neil strumming away to Taylor Swift?!

An enourmous thank you to everyone who turned up on support of our charitable mission to provide education in Opera and transform lives in the process. The grand total for the evening is £665

which will directly benefit our community by supporting our running costs for 2024.

Further donations can be made in cash or bank transfer and for every £10 donated by UK tax payers we can claim an extra £2.50 through gift aid. Contact Judy via our web form or directly to find out more:

Watch out for more fun ways to get involved and sign up to the blog for updates!

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