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Carmen Update - costumes, set and more!

Updated: Jun 30

Our 2024 Edinburgh Fringe Production comes ever closer, and tickets are now on sale for both the Melrose preview performances and the final run at Stockbridge.

Our props and costume department have been working hard to bring together the brutalist vision of director Jake Zualski. One of the biggest tasks has been stitching the many hundreds of meters of seams for a full set of black circle skirts for the female presenting chorus!

Check out the amount of fabric in the video below, and also the smiles on the girls faces when we asked them to twirl!

We're also so excited to have Kelly Doherty on board to design and create bespoke skirts for our three Carmen performers. And a striking new-romantic inspired tartan extravaganza for Escamillo.

Thanks to the wonders of gift-aid we're now equipped with a complete set of theatre flats to help transform new venues into a professional theatre and open up more touring and community engagement opportunities for the future.

Lastly, but not leastly, we're proud to announce that we've been working closely with our Flamenco consultant, Moira Lewitt to make sure that we honour the traditions which inspired this iconic opera. Moira has not only been an integral voice behind the scenes, but will also represent the spirit of Carmen throughout the performance. Lending rhythmic footwork, castanet clicking and physical performance elements that make the whole production sparkle.

Book your tickets today to avoid disappointment!

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